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Some of the poetry and fiction contains hypertextual or interactive elements.
Includes some hypertext among its literary offerings.
Iowa Review Web
Includes hypertext fiction.
The Little Magazine
After being published in print for 30 years, this magazine now comes out exclusively on the Web, with a strong emphasis on multimedia and hypertext poetry and fiction. Produced by graduate students of the University at Albany, SUNY.
The New River: A Journal of Hypertext Literature and Art
Devoted exclusively to hypertext poetry and fiction. Edited by Edward Falco.
nolo (No Live Operator)
Offers unusual composites of text, graphics, and animation.
Literature and art, with an emphasis on integrating hypermedia into the concept of the works.
Postmodern Culture
Though the focus is on scholarly essays and reviews, this journal occasionally publishes works of hypertext literature. Only the current issue is publicly accessible on the Web. Back issues are available on-line through paid subscription to Project Muse.
pubSphere( ): A Literary Showcase for Hypermedia Artists
A showcase for hypertext poetry and fiction and digital art. Connected with Brown University.
Snakeskin Poetry Webzine
Issue 29 is a Hypertext Special containing a narrative hypertext poem.
Tales Multimedia Journal
Hypertext poetry and fiction. Sponsored by the Syracuse University Creative Writing Program and the Salt Hill Journal.
Turbulence: New Works for the Web
Devoted to cyberwork that uses various combinations of text, graphics, animation, and audio in ways possible only in the electronic medium. Some works allow reader interaction or collaboration.


Alt-X Publishing Network
Hypertext fiction can be found at the Hyper-X branch of the site.
Blast5 Dramas
Ongoing hypertext projects in art and literature. Collaborative, experimental.
Burning Press
The site includes a couple of sections devoted to visual, audio, kinetic, and hypermedia literature. Machine Made of Words is a "gallery" of finished works, while the Wr-eye-tings Scratchpad is a "laboratory" for works in progress. The Scratchpad is supplemented by a Wr-eye-tings mailing list.
Diskotech Software
Publishes "computer video novels" on CD-ROM.
Eastgate Systems Home Page
Information about many hypertext publications, authors, and events from the leading publisher of hypertext literature. On-line samples are available of some of the work published on disk. The Eastgate Web Workshop offers original hypertext fiction for the Web.
Franklin Furnace Home
Individual and collaborative works, some in hypertext.
Includes a few examples of hypertext poetry.
Maid in Cyberspace: Maid Artists
A very unusual collection of works designed for the Web by women artists and writers, much of it hypertext narrative.
NYU Press
Now seeking hypertext fiction, which will be published on the Web site in September 1988.
UbuWeb Visual, Concrete, & Sound Poetry
Includes some kinetic work.

Multiauthor Collaborations

Group Z, Belgium
Interactive poetry and art from Europe.
spidertangle wordround
Begun in October 1997 and moderated by Miekal And. Writers can add contributions by means of an online submission form.
An open-ended work begun in December 1998 by Ted Warnell and David Knoebel. "Each artist takes an idea from a participating web site, re-invents it on his or her own site, then invites others to do the same at their own sites." Other writers are invited to participate.

Other Directories

Hyperizons: the Search for Hypertext Fiction
Offers a very extensive listing of Web pages pertaining to hypertext literature.


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