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Bill Bly

An excerpt from We Descend

Compelling narrative that explores the slippery nature of history.
(November 1998)

Jackie Craven

In the Changing Room

Eight interwoven parables of everyday life steeped in the fantastic.
(November 1998)

Peter Howard


The fleeting, evanescent text of this poem examines the nature of temporality.
Requires Flash
(December 2001)

Subatomic and Particle Poetry

An entertaining guided tour of some exciting new developments in electronic poetry. Includes Peter Howard's animations of poems by Roger McGough and Wendy Cope.
Requires Flash
(November 2004)

Deena Larsen

Stained Word Window


This poem's innovative geometric interface lets you explore the mysteries of seeing (and not seeing).
(August 1999)

Millie Niss

The Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh


A combinatorial excursion into the textual possibilities of rhinoceri and other matters.
Requires Flash
(September 2002)

Milorad Pavic

The Glass Snail


The celebrated Serbian author spins a haunting hypertext tale of two people brought together by a shared compulsion. Then the past begins to emerge mysteriously through their meeting, until it threatens to subsume the present.
(August 2003)

Stephanie Strickland

The Ballad of Sand
and Harry Soot

The sand of silicon and the soot of carbon-based life forms interact in this award-winning hypertext poem.
(August 1999)

About.com Poetry's Best of the Net Award
Rob Swigart

About Time

In this interactive multimedia novella, two tales unfold 40,000 years apart with richly thought-provoking and entertaining results.
Requires Flash
(September 2002)

Komninos Zervos

Childhood in Richmond

Childhood memories as a collage of images and spoken words.
Requires Flash
(December 2001)

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