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A resource for authors of hypertext and cybertext poetry and fiction


Connection Muse

This is a free downloadable software tool for authors of Web-based hypertext poetry and fiction. It lets you create such features as conditional links and random text within HTML documents.

Hypertext Writers Workshop

Deena Larsen's Hypertext Writers Workshop is conducted annually at the ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia. Archived here are papers by participants describing their projects and summarizing their experiences in the workshops for Hypertext '98 through Hypertext '00.

CyberMountain: The Denver Hypertext Colloquium

A hypertext writers' colloquium organized by Deena Larsen in Denver during May/June 1999. Information about the event and participant papers.

Online Class

"Hypertext Poetry and Fiction" is taught entirely online by Robert Kendall through the distance instruction program of the New School. The course is offered two or three times each year. Students can participate from anywhere in the world.



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