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About Word Circuits

Founded 1997

This is a watering hole for new media poetry and fiction--indigenously electronic work that couldn't be realized in print. Hypertext is the mainstay here, but we also deal in more exotic forms of cybertext, which exploit such innovations as text-generating algorithms or animated text that moves and mutates on the screen. Welcome to the world of hypertextual, interactive, self-generating, kinetic, and multimedia poetry and fiction.

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The Gallery is a showcase for original poetry and fiction, while the HTLit Column offers essays and reviews. An extensive Directory catalogs authors, publishing sites, critical writings, and mailing lists. Browse awhile to learn about the new genre and its practitioners and to find some good reading on the Web. Check the Bulletin Board for announcements of events, publishing opportunities, and more. If you write hypertext, visit the Studio to find resources for writing in the medium, including the beta version of the Connection System, which lets you add advanced features to Web hypertexts. Take a look at the essays from participants of the Hypertext Writers Workshop. There's even the syllabus for an on-line class in hypertext that you can sign up for through the New School. If you're new to electronic literature, "Writing for the New Millennium" provides an introduction.

Robert Kendall Site Director, Gallery Editor, Connection System Codeveloper
Marjorie Luesebrink Associate Editor, Gallery
Rob Swigart Associate Editor, Gallery
Deena Larsen Editor, Hypertext Writers Workshop
Jean-Hugues Réty Connection Muse Codeveloper
Nancy Smith Assistant Editor, Connection Muse Documentation



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