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Abducted 01:04
    Steven Shaviro
Anipoema / Anipoem 04:01
    Ana Maria Uribe
The Art of M[ez] Constructing Polysemic & Neology Fic/Factions Online 03:04
The Audience 01:03
    Rowan Wolf
Bombay Boogie Woogie 03:03
    Ira Cohen
A Boring Story 02:03
    Peter Owen
Bread.Crumbs 01:01
    Talan Memmott
Janet Buck POETRY 01:02
    Janet Buck
Circle Poems 04:01
    pc muñoz
[con]artist 04:02
    Randy Adams
The Country Between Us 04:02
    Diane Greco
Desert Drip 01:03
    Noel Ace
Dorothy Comes to Brentwood 02:03
    John Corcoran III
Dreamer of Dreams / My Head's All Messed Up. 04:01
Drop Kicking the Text: Jackie Chan and Commedia Dell Arte 03:01
    Julie Chase
The Execution of the Sun 03:03
    Jason DeBoer
Jesse Glass POETRY 03:01
    Jesse Glass
Facades: Portraits of New Orleans 04:01
    Dirk Hines
Richard Fein POETRY 02:02
    Richard Fein
The Girl and the Wolf 04:01
    Nick Montfort
Libby Hart POETRY 02:02
    Libby Hart
Hell's Father 04:01
    Rowan Wolf
A History of North Beach Poetry 02:05
    Allen Cohen