Bill Marsh

Joseph Nechvatal

Juliet Ann Martin

Miranda F. Mellis

An Ornithology of War
Marianne Shaneen

Outline of a Novel by the Storyteller Laureate of Hazlahan
Millie Niss

Jon Fried

Your Book Came
Alan Sondheim

BeeHive Hypertext/Hypermedia Journal
ISSN: 1528-8102
publishes quarterly

BeeHive debuted on the World Wide Web in May of 1998. The intent of the Journal is to provide a venue for creative literary content that explores the potential of network-based creativity.

Under the direction of Talan Memmott, BeeHive has endeavored to produce quality online literary content, publishing over 100 authors and artists to date.

The BeeHive collection is eclectic -- made up of original fiction, poetry and critical theory titles, hypermedia works, visual poetry and other forms of creative network practice. Some work takes full advantage of applied technology and can only exist on the web, while other work is presented as pure writing. BeeHive is committed to publishing works that demonstrate the wide variety of styles, forms and interests pursued by online authors and artists.

From the Techno-fiction of Kenji Siratori, to an interview with Theorist Gregory Ulmer ...
... a collection of poetry from 30 New York and San Francisco Poets, Carolyn Guertin's important "Queen Bees and the Hum of the Hive", novel excerpts from Steven Shaviro and Michael Rothenberg ...
From Allen Cohen's "History of North Beach Poetry Readings", to the abstract code-poetry of RE_WORKINPR(Brian Lennon), and transgressive fiction of Toby Boudreaux ...
... the hyper-active "SkyScratchez" from Mez and BeeHive editor Talan Memmott, the simple color-block visual poetry of Sigfried Holzbauer, and Jacqueline Goss' audio-visual treat "Modern Keller".
... the BeeHive ArcHive has evolved into an important resource for online literary media.


BeeHive Hypertext / Hypermedia Journal