Love in the Digital Revolution
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Michael Atavar
intimacy (silver version)

intimacy (silver version) presents some key ideas from his recent intimacy lectures. An alternate version is also active on the trAce opinion site.

michael atavar is an artist. Digital media, installation, film, performance. His most important recent project was * * * * (1998) a durational www   piece that contains text, electronic sound and pictures. Recent digital works include snow   paper   scissors   rain  (1999) a sound environment that constantly remakes itself and : ( : ) (1999) a computer generated sound and light installation. Publications TINY STARS 70s 80s 90s (1997). He won an honourable mention in the recent trAce-Alternate X Hypertext Competition.

Mez [Mary-Anne Breeze]

_THE WORK_: ______:::::Point In The Fluid Productions presents:::::_____ ________________________________________________________

++++CLONE BETA: _Clo[h!]neing God N Ange-Lz_+++++ ________________________________________________________

[Wot wood happen if Angellez scribed their songz in alt-turd DNA?] [Get Yr Godstrandz here!] [N-sert wingz here] ++ [Watch the God Mut[e]antz on their Helix Shrivelled Flesh!] ++ _________________________________________________________

clone alpha+beta r bought 2 u bi Point In The Fluid Productions, a subsidiary company of [m]E[z]-mauler


MEZ [Mary-Anne Breeze] is a net.wurk artist who gets static-slapped with labels like "electronic artist" and "multimedia practitioner" with terminal regularity. She holds degrees in Applied Social Science & Creative Arts, and has exhibited in a multitude of venues & journals both online and off [including CTHEORY's Digital Dirt, Experimenta Media Arts, SIGGRAPH, ISEA, ARS Electronica and the trace International Writing Community]. Mez currently bastardises her arts practice via arts journalism in order to actualise her chrome hypaTeXtian visions.



"_Clo[h!]neing God N Ange-Ls_" is a Flash work that has been preserved with Ruffle by the Electronic Literature Lab in March 2021.


Raul Ferrera-Balanquet
Amar no es Herir/Love Shouldn't Hurt

Amar no es Herir/Love Shouldn’t Hurt is an ongoing bilingual web project that tries to articulate healing spaces changing community and personal response to domestic violence and other type of violence. The project is partially supported by the Arts and Healing Community Grant/Institute of Noetic Science, the Instituto de la Mujer Quintanarroence, Cancun, Mexico and by the City of Berkeley Domestic Violence Prevention Partnership, California, USA. Deborah A. Arthur and Papusa Molna collaborated as text editors. Agustin Chong provided some of the photographs used in the project.

Raúl Ferrera-Balanquet is an multidisciplinary artist, scholar, writer and curator born in Havana, Cuba. He holds a MFA from the Multimedia and Video Art Department at the University of Iowa. His art has been exhibited at several venues in Europe, Latin America and North America. Ferrera-Balanquet has published his writings in Artpapers, Radical Teacher, Cinematograph, Felix, and the Mexican Literary Magazine El Juglar. Winner of prestigious awards, such as the Fulbright-1998-1999, NEA/Film in the Cities Grant, The Lyn Blumenthal Video Criticism Grant, Ferrera-Balanquet currently teaches Internet Design and Development at the Modelo University in Merida, Mexico.


"Amar no es Herir" has a title .gif image that only works in Google Chrome up to version 67.



Jennifer Ley
Daddy Likes His With Heart

The web work "Daddy Likes His With Heart" utilizes text, animated gifs and midi tracks to explore the stereotypes and clichés associated with the word and symbol: heart. A "lounge lizard" midi snare track introduces each text section, where a play on what a reader would expect to see when told to "Take Heart" or following statements such as "Heart Felt" and "Heart Ache" serve as introductions to wording quite other than "Hallmark" ... a valentine that cuts to the "heart" of a child's love for her father.

Founder of the award-winning hypertext poetry site The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks and the internet literary magazine Riding the Meridian, much of Jennifer Ley's newest literary work is in the field of hypertext. Examples can be found in the trAce anthology: My Millennium, in Cauldron and Net, and in past issues of The Animist, Snakeskin and Conspire. "The Body Politic" was shown at Digital Arts and Culture '99, sponsored by Georgia Tech and the University of Bergen. As part of The EPC Digital Media Festival 2000, she will present this spring at the Wednesdays at 4 series, SUNY-Buffalo. A 1998 Pushcart nominee, some of the literary magazines and anthologies that have published Ms. Ley's poetry include: Agnieszka’s Dowry, Terrain, Salt River Review, Will Work for Peace, Octavo, 2River, Recursive Angel, Silhouettes in the Electric Sky, and Wise Woman's Web. Her work is anthologized on the net at Poetry Cafe. Ms. Ley is a founding member of the -- ILEF -- Internet Literary Editor's Fellowship




J.R. Macnamara

It is said that love knows no bounds and, in proof of the adage, it is flourishing on the Net. But in the virtual world, things may not always be what they purport to be - and people may not be who they claim to be. A a story of love, lies and deception in cyberspace. This short story also is an experiment in exploring the impact of e-mail and 'e-speak' on language.

J. R. Macnamara is a former journalist and freelance writer who is the author of seven non-fiction books and a book of poems, Mindstorms. He studied journalism and literature at Deakin University, Geelong in Australia where he gained a BA and MA, and has undertaken post-graduate studies in creative writing at the University of Technology Sydney.




Carrie McMillan

'The idea for Love grew out of an Autumn spent listening to '69 Love Songs' by The Magnetic Fields and watching some dramatic cloud formations over the skies of Devon in the South West of England. I wanted to write a piece that would capture the steely hardness of some kinds of love, in contrast to the moonlight and roses generally associated with true love. The grey colour scheme and imagery seeks to reflect this hard love, as well as the stormy Autumn skies.'

Carrie McMillan is a writer and secondary school English teacher, busy convincing herself she has enough energy to do both things well. When she's wearing her writer hat she ploughs through the final draft of her first novel and has more recently returned to writing poetry, a form she finds most suited to hypertext writing. She has recently collaborated on Estar de Gala, a hypertext fiction site, and plans to extend that project.




Talan Memmott

LUX is an observation, deconstruction and contextual manipulation of the Bronzino painting, "The Exposure of Luxury". The painting in its entirety is never viewable in the piece; rather, the contexts, characters, and insinuated actions of the painting are displaced and replaced by other contexts, both relevant and fanciful. From Greek Mythology and French Aristocratic Private Theater (salon) to the work of Bataille, Artaud, Fragonard, Watteau, Balthus, the piece touches upon diverse sources as it strives to produce a frivolous body of erotics.

Talan Memmott is an artist/writer living and working in San Francisco, California. Memmott works as the Production Director for multimedia and web development firm PERCEPTICON and serves as Creative Director for Percepticon's online hypermedia literary journal, BeeHive. His own hypermedia fiction and "theory/fiction" work has appeared in frAme, Perihelion, Perforations, Cauldron and Net, Big Bridge, and Riding the Meridian.




Sonja Porcarco

'Ambrosia' is the writing of love, through writing- the love in/of the writing body and how it is inseparable from the bodies of the desiring/loving 'subjects' in the piece. The writing was generated between lovers, between cities and voices. Emails arrived, something was (is) always arriving, awaking. And departing. 'Ambrosia' was (is) writing knowing that separation can never happen again, not like that, yet Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet writes "...and who can depart from his pain and his aloneness without regret?", but also "...only another winding will this stream make, only another murmur in this glade."

Sonja Porcaro is an artist who works in installation, writing and electronic media. She has returned to Adelaide, South Australia after living and working in Sydney for the last three years. Her on-line work includes participation in the 'Choragraphy + Ensemble Logic' & 'Lux: Notes for an Electronic Writing' projects, both based at The Electronic Writing Research Ensemble. Sonja has recently been awarded an Australia Council for the Arts grant to undertake a three-month residency at the Milan studio, Italy, to continue researching the intersection of art and writing.




Melinda Rackham

carrier weaves an intimate love story between you, the viewer, and sHe, the hepatitis C virus (HCV), siting viral symbiosis in the biological and virtual domains as an interrelationship with another intelligent being, rather than taking a defensive medical response to illness which sites the body as a detached battleground. Carrier repositions viral infection as positive biological merging with the flesh - it is a 'becoming symborg model for the emerging millennium, as we seek a way reposition ourselves as the boundaries between human / machine /species dissolve.

Melinda Rackham is an artist and writer residing in east coast Australia, who has been working online since 1995 in her domain, constructing imaginal and hypertextual narrative sites carrier, line,, and tunnel. Melinda's web practice draws on divergent sources and she is currently undertaking a Phd in Virtual Media at College of Fine Arts, UNSW. Rackham has published online and in print in Australia and Europe, and recent conferences include Polar Circuit in Finland, Contagion in Australia, and Invencao in Brazil. Her prize winning web works have been included in Beyond Interface, Arco Electronico, Gram, Arts_Edge, Perspecta99, Maid in Cyberspace, Transmediale2000, and Arts Entertainment Network.

"Carrier" requires Macromedia Shockwave 8.0 and so no longer displays any of the files requiring this extension.




Alan Sondheim & Barry Smylie

Alan and I had done one piece together called "You Will" and we decided to do another. All the content of "Dancer" was created by Alan. I brought his work together in the computer program called "Flash" developed by Macromedia. I suppose you could think of Alan as the writer and me as the performer or Alan as the creator of the content and me as the organizer of the medium.

Barry Smylie: BFA Sir George Williams (Concordia) University, Montreal 34 Solo Exhibitions, 16 Two and Three Person Shows, 123 Group Shows.

Alan Sondheim: Was the second virtual writer-in-residence at Trace; his projects and other information may be found there.




Barbara Steinberg
Three Online Stories

These stories were written about three men I met on the internet who changed my life. First was the person who led me to my online community philosophy, next came the greatest technical genius I ever met, and last was the one with whom I found true love. All three stories bring up issues of truth, fiction, identity, and knowledge that have become crucial in learning to figure out what's real in online life.

Barbara Steinberg is co-founder of Radio Free Monterey, a web-cast radio station / virtual community in Monterey, California, which is branching out into public access cable TV and applying for a low-power FM license from the FCC. She is also founder of the Web Sociology List and Western Hang Gliders Online.


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