For certain bodies of the work, I have sought to create media metaphors for contemporary trends in philosophical and sociological thought, often with colleague Jonathon Epstein. These metaphors reflect the fact that speaking the multimedia culture can no longer be confined to text, but now is in the form of graphics, sound, and video, often in simultaneous configurations. If language is a virus, it has then mutated to a multimedia one, and anyone who has ever watched CNN is infected. And we don't want a cure.

Special thanks to Dr. Jonathon Epstein of Kent State University for his collaboration in a number of these works.

The following are brief expositions on the works exhibited.

"Everything has Become Culture"; Created as a response to the CTHEORY (A & ML Kroker) interview with Jean Baudrillard, "Vivisecting the 90's" Following from his ideas of transparence in which all aspects of postmodern society permeate one another, Baudrillard states that everything has become culture. And we say even himself. And it's full of virtual goodness!

Tools: Photoshop, Bryce 2, Truespace 2. Components modeled and rendered, and then composited in Photoshop.

"Panic Nietzsche" The will to Virtuality is the replacement of the body corporeal into the body virtual; the body telematic. And this includes Nietzsche! Here, Nietzsche-as-Overman has made the transition flawleslly, and prepares to surf the oceans of data on the global nets. Panic Nietzsche indeed!

Tools: Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX 1.2, Kai's Power Tools Components modeled and rendered, then and composited in Photoshop.

"Hiroshima in Ruins" At the end of history (Baudrillard, Fukuyama), information is no longer equated with knowledge or memory. It is merely information that replicates itself in endless repetition as it is distributed across the media nets. And this is no more evident than with the American Media Infotainment Machine, which addicts us with calamity, both past and present to give Western society a vicarious thrill of impending danger after the end of the Cold war. So we sit in our overstuffed chairs, eating greasy snacks while we watch smart bombs on CNN and rehashed A-Bomb films on the History channel.

Tools: Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX 1.2, Kai's Power Tools. Components modeled and rendered, then composited in Photoshop.

"Place Kierkegaard's Face Here" Identity in the age of the Net is fluid, multiplicituous (Turkle), and simultaneous. We can take part in Warhol's dream and BE Warhol for 15 minutes, or even Kerkegaard for that matter.
Place Kierkegaard's face here!

Tools: Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX 1.2, Kai's Power Tools Components modeled and rendered, then composited in Photoshop.

"Land of the Posts" After the Berlin Wall and Auschwitz, we are groping for meaning in an age where our cultural referents have collapsed. We are in an era of past tenses - post-industrial, post modern, post structuralist. These cultural signs zip past us like old American Burma Shave signs as we zip down the Infobahn heading for technotopia?

Tools: 3D Studio R4.

"Rite" Once again, the will to virtuality is the leaving behind of the body physical into the body virtual, leaving the corporeal in flesh dumps of material existence. What then, of the newborn data selves, searching the nets for signs of their existence? They will look to the wires and the vast seas of incalculable data. And the call will reverberate through the nets.

Tools: 3DS Max 1,1, Metacreations Poser, Photoshop Components modeled and rendered, then composited in Photoshop.

© Patrick Lichty

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