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Entire books available for on-line reading or downloading.
Samples from printed publications available online or for downloading.
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Online chapbook series.
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9th St. Laboratories
Chapbooks of experimental poetry published in conjunction with Experioddi(cyber)cist magazine.
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Coach House Books
Poetry and fiction. All books can be ordered on-line and some can be read on-line in their entirety. Readers are encouraged to "tip" the authors of the electronic texts by making a small payment.
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Contemporary American Poetry Archive
Makes available out-of-print volumes of poetry in their entirety on-line. Currently offers over two dozen books, including those by William Matthews, Edwin Honig, and Robert Sward.
Cune Press
Currently offers only a catalog of printed books, including fiction, but will begin publishing on-line books in the future. Also runs a literary agency that lets editors and readers look at unpublished manuscripts on-line.
Curbstone Press
Site includes excerpts from publications and interviews with authors.
Graywolf Press
This widely respected small press has been publishing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for over 20 years.
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A selection of poetry chapbooks.
Gutter Press
Poetry and fiction.
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Hard Shell Word Factory
Electronic fiction for sale on disk or in downloadable format. Most of the work is genre fiction--mysteries, romances, and so on--but there are a few works of a more literary nature as well.
Kelsey St. Press
Poetry and fiction by women.
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Light and Dust Mobile Anthology of Poetry
Complete books of poetry on-line, mostly by experimental writers, including Theodore Enslin, Maureen Owen, and many others, some previously published in paper and now out of print. Hosted by the GRIST On-Line site.
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The Literary Review Web Chapbook Series
This joint project of The Literary Review and Web del Sol presents chapbooks by poets and fiction writers (there will be 11 when the project is complete). Excerpts from the books will also appear in print.
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March Street Press
Poetry and fiction. The catalog contains excerpts from printed books and the Library contains books in electronic format. You'll also find two online magazines.
Meow Press
Books by experimental writers, including many Language poets. Currently only a catalog of printed books is available on the site, but books on-line will be added in the future.
Milkweed Editions
Poetry, fiction, and nonfiction from a quality small press. Offers work on-line by some of its authors. Also offers an e-verse service that will e-mail a poem to subscribers every week.
Pleasure Boat Studio
New publisher of poetry and fiction. Currently offers only a handful of titles.
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Quarterly Review of Literature Poetry Series
Long-running series of poetry books that began as a magazine in 1943. Publishes several books together as a single annual volume.
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RIF/T Chapbook Extensions
A large collection of chapbooks of experimental poetry published by the on-line magazine RIF/T, a product of the Electronic Poetry Center. Includes many works in translation.
The Runaway Spoon Press
Specializes in visual poetry, but also other types of poetry and prose. Bob Grumman, editor.
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Star Thrower Publishing
Literary fiction and autobiography, all published on-line.
Sun & Moon Press
Site includes an on-line magazine consisting of selections from recent Sun & Moon publications.
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Whistle Press
Offers a few chapbooks of poetry readable on-line or in downloadable Adobe Acrobat format.
Xenos Books
Poetry and fiction. This publisher offers not only excerpts from the books it publishes, but also excerpts from worthy manuscripts it received but didn't have the resources to publish.

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