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Mailing Lists
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Mailing Lists

"Discussion and news list for practitioners of current poetry and poetics, with emphasis on recent postmodern and innovative poetries in Britain and Ireland." This list generates a high volume of messages. Messages are archived at Web site.
Internet Writing Workshop
The Writing Workshop sponsors 10 separate lists. "Writing" is for general discussion of issues related to being a writer, while others are devoted to workshop-style critiques of original writing in different genres, including poetry, short fiction, novels, and script writing. Subscribers are required to be active participants.
This site sponsors two mailing lists for workshop-style critiques of original poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. WRITE is for advanced and published authors. REWRITE is for emerging writers.
Discussion of all aspects of writing, with much digression from the main topic. This list generates a high volume of messages.
Writery Cafe
Very active discussion of anything concerning writers or writing, including critiques of poems and stories posted to the list. Sponsored by the Online Writery of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Other Directories

Literary Mailing Lists
An extensive list of literary mailing lists, along with subscription instructions for each. Many aimed at scholars. Maintained by the University of Pennsylvania.
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
An index of mailing lists on hundreds of subjects. Including lists devoted to literary topics.



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