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Magazine also published in print, with full text appearing on-line.
Magazine also published in print, with only excerpts appearing on-line. (In these entries, the listing of genres and authors published applies only to the work appearing on the Web.)
audio.gif (210 bytes) Offers recorded readings of poetry or fiction.
Some of the poetry or fiction incorporates animation or hypertext.
Highly recommended.
Site Has Moved Site has moved and new URL is not yet available.
The 2River View
Poetry, art, essays. Published quarterly since 1996 by 2River, which also publishes occasional chapbooks by individual authors. Work by Robert Creeley.
Abraxus Reader
Poetry, fiction. Readers can customize what the magazine shows them.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews. An important and influential literary magazine in print for more than 25 years. Work by Louise Glück, Adrienne Rich, Mark Strand, Hayden Carruth.
The Alsop Review
Poetry, fiction, reviews. One of the poems found here is James Kirkup's homoerotic poem "The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name," which is banned from publication in England on the grounds of blasphemy. Extensive selection of poetry by Frank Stanford. No unsolicited submissions.
Anabasis Electronic
Poetry. This magazine and its predecessor, the Vision Project (which is also on-line here), are devoted to experimental work.
Angel Exhaust
Poetry, reviews, interviews. The site offers the full contents of the printed issues, which appear sporadically from England. Experimental work.
Atlantic Monthly
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, interviews. The site offers the entire contents of each printed issue of the well-known general-interest magazine, supplemented by new literary material not available in print. Poems archived in the Poetry Pages are often accompanied by audio recordings of the author reading the work. There's also an on-line forum for discussing art and literature. Among the recorded poets are Stanley Plumly, Stanley Kunitz, Linda Pastan, Robert Pinsky, Donald Hall.
B&A New Fiction
Fiction, reviews. Excerpts from the print edition of "the best-selling fiction magazine in Canada." Beginning in Fall 1998, a new section called Interrobang will publish hypertext fiction on the Web site.
Beloit Poetry Journal
Poetry. Samples from a few recent issues of a poetry magazine that has been in print for nearly 50 years.
Black Ice: Fiction for a Wired Nation
Fiction. Work with an "Avant-Pop" slant, emphasizing sex, violence, pop culture, and formal experimentation. "Degenerative prose for the hungry masses." Part of the Alt-X site. Work by Ronald Sukenick, Stephen Dixon, Mark Amerika.
Blood Alley
Poetry and fiction.
audio.gif (210 bytes)
The Blue Moon Review
Poetry, fiction, reviews, essays. Formerly called The Blue Penny Quarterly. Includes several readings with musical accompaniment. Work by Bob Holman, Ronald Wallace, Edward Falco, Robert Sward.
audio.gif (210 bytes)
Bold Type
Poetry, fiction. Novel excerpts, stories, and poems from books published by Random House. Extensive selection of audio recordings. Work by Martin Amis, Bret Easton Ellis, John Updike, Tom Wolfe.
The Bridge
Poetry, fiction, reviews, photos.
BullHead Electric: An On-Line Journal of New Poetry, Graphics, Reviews, News
Poetry, reviews, art. After 8 issues as a print magazine, this publishing venture has now gone entirely on-line. A few samples from the printed back issues are available. Many works of visual poetry and one hypertext piece. Work by Clayton Eshleman, antler, Rochelle Ratner.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Chicago Review
Poetry, fiction. (Also reviews, essays, and interviews in print version.) A meager selection from the current printed issue. Published by the University of Chicago. Founded in 1946.
Common Boundaries
Poetry, fiction, art, comics, articles about contemporary culture. The Web site is an outgrowth of an alternative art gallery and performance space of the same name.
audio.gif (210 bytes)sample.gif (145 bytes)
Poetry, fiction, drama, essays, interviews, art. The printed magazine is one of the foremost vehicles for innovative writing. Only selections from the printed magazine are offered, but these are often substantial: for example, the complete text of Robert Coover's novella Briar Rose. Also recordings of songs and performance pieces in Real Audio format. Work by John Ashbery, Bruce Andrews, John Barth, Robert Olen Butler, Robert Coover, Robert Creeley, Joyce Carol Oates, and many other important writers.
audio.gif (210 bytes)
The Cortland Review
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, interviews. Well-designed, consistently interesting, and particularly notable for its interviews with Robert Pinsky, Robert Creeley, Charles Simic, Henry Taylor, Neal Bowers. Audio of many authors reading their work. Work by Philip Dacey, Mark Halperin, Thomas Lux, Lyn Lifshin.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Cream City Review
Poetry, fiction, essays. Published by students at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
audio.gif (210 bytes)
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, interviews, art. Excellent, eclectic selection of writing, with a few audio recordings. Published in association with the University of Pennsylvania. Selected work from the Web site also appears in an annual printed volume. Work by Harold Jaffe, Clayton Eshleman, Ron Silliman, Kimiko Hahn.
Fiction, essays. Presents writers "from the East and West Coasts of North America." Published by Cune Press.
Deluxe Rubber Chicken
Poetry. Emphasis on experimental writing. Issue Number 3 consists of Sam Stark's book Wisconsin. Work by Mark Amerika, Bruce Andrews, Ray Federman, Jackson Mac Low, Ron Padgett.
the edifice: A Building of Writing and Literature
Poetry, fiction. Each issue devoted to a theme such as Humor or Women Writers. Elegantly produced.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
ELF: Eclectic Literary Forum
Poetry, fiction, essays, interviews. Back issues are gradually being archived. Will soon offer an archive of folklore and a discussion forum. Work by William Stafford.
Electronic Poetry Review
Poetry, essays, reviews, interviews. A high-quality publication that features many well-known poets. Work by Jorie Graham, Mark Strand, James Tate, Marvin Bell.
Poetry, fiction, reviews, essays, art, photos, cartoons, hypertext literature. Notable for striking combinations of text and graphics and effective hypermedia.
Poetry. Emphasis on experimental work.
Annual anthology of "the best online-published short fiction." All stories selected from magazines on the Web.
Evergreen Review
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews. A longtime fixture of the print publishing world now online.
Site Has Movedsample.gif (145 bytes)
Exquisite Corpse: A Journal of Letters and Life
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews. Offers a small selection from the printed magazine. Edited by Andrei Codrescu.
Fatal Embrace
Poetry, fiction. Part of the March Street Press site.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Poetry. Offers a few sample poems from several issues of the important print magazine.
"A Multidisciplinary Journal in the Arts and Politics -- Poetry, fiction, essays, and graphics along the frontier where the arts and politics clash."
Free Zone Quarterly: a poetry e-zine
Poetry, fiction, essays, interviews. Produced by the University of Idaho.
Site Has Moved
Gaia: A Journal of Literary and Environmental Arts
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, art. Stresses environmental and nature themes, sometimes with a social or political emphasis. Strong preference for accessible narrative styles. Most back issues are available only in Adobe Acrobat format and must be downloaded. Work by David Ray, Peter Meinke.
Glossolalia: Electronic Journal for Experimental Arts
Poetry, fiction. Experimental work that uses "all manner of unorthodox, obscure methods of creation: cut-up, collage, direct or indirect violence to source texts, computer-generated  writing, visual poetry, automatic writing, chance processes." Hosted by the GRIST On-Line site.
GRIST On-Line Magazine
Poetry, essays, reviews. Edited by John Fowler, this is one of the oldest electronic poetry magazines. A wealth of interesting material, with an emphasis on experimental work. Some visual poems. Early issues are in ASCII format without HTML formatting. Work by Ron Silliman, Clayton Eshleman, David Ignatow, Armand Schwerner, Jerome Rothenberg.
Gruene Street: An Internet Journal of Prose & Poetry
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews. Quality writing by less well known writers.
Poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, art. Web version includes most of the printed contents as well as exclusive material.
inter\face electronic literary magazine
Poetry. Emphasis on experimental work.
InterText: The Online Fiction Magazine
Fiction, including genre fiction. Readers can subscribe to have each issue e-mailed to them. Each issue also appears on the Web site. Published since 1991.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
The Iowa Review
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, interviews. This important mainstream magazine offers very brief extracts of selected work from each issue. An Iowa Review Web section publishes "writing that requires an HTML environment for its presentation," including some hypertext. Work online by Gordon Lish, Raymond Federman.
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, interviews. This visually lively quarterly published out of Sydney, Australia, combines original publications with reprinted work. The second issue is a special John Ashbery issue. Work by Charles Bernstein, Carl Rakosi, Harry Mathews, Ron Padgett.
Juxta Electronic
Poetry. Emphasis on experimental work. Over 20 issues on-line.
Visual poetry. North America's longest running visual poetry magazine has moved to the Web. Audio and kinetic poetry will soon be included among the offerings here. Published at the GRIST On-Line site.
Poetry, fiction, essays.
The Lady in the Radiator
Poetry, art. "Produced by a bunch of kids to counteract the soul draining boredom of suburban life." Also available in print.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
The Literary Review
Poetry, fiction. A strong showcase for international writing in translation. Published by Fairleigh Dickinson University since 1957.
The Little Magazine
Poetry, fiction, art, interactive literature, multimedia literature. Work by Charles Bernstein, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Holman, Jenny Holzer. Produced by graduate students at the University at Albany, SUNY. Published in print for over 30 years; latest issues in electronic media only. Makes excellent use of the electronic medium.
Living Poets
Poetry, essays, reviews, art. British Web magazine sponsored by Dragonheart Press.
Mississippi Review
Poetry, fiction, essays. Superb on-line version of the venerable magazine that has been in print since 1970. Includes work taken from printed version, along with new work that has never appeared in print. Edited by Frederick Barthelme. Work by Ann Beattie, John Barth, Margaret Atwood, Rita Dove, Joyce Carol Oates, Larry McCaffery.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Missouri Review
Fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, interviews. Nicely produced showcase for excerpts from the prestigious printed magazine.
Site Has Moved
The Morpo Review
Poetry, fiction, interviews. Includes authors' comments about each work. Chat room. Readers can subscribe to have each issue e-mailed to them.
Mudlark: An Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics
Poems, essays. Each issue contains a chapbook-length collection of work by a single author. Also publishes shorter selections as a series of electronic "Posters."
The New River: A Journal of Hypertext Literature and Art
Hypertext poetry and fiction. Edited by Ed Falco.
nolo (No Live Operator)
Fiction, art. Truly unique. Intriguing composites of text, graphics, and animation.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
The North American Review
Poetry, fiction. The printed magazine has been around since 1815, making it the oldest literary magazine in America. The Web site is updated about once every three months.
Literature and art, with an emphasis on integrating hypermedia into the concept of the works. One of the most beautifully produced magazines on the Web.
Site Has Moved
Occasional Screenful
Oyster Boy Review
Poetry, fiction, reviews. Published three times a year, with annual poetry issues. Work by Lyn Lifshin, Denise Duhamel, Christy Sheffield Sanford.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Painted Bride Quarterly
Poetry, fiction, art.
The Palimpsest Review
Parting Gifts
Poetry, fiction. Part of the March Street Press site.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Poetry. One of the most renowned forums for poetry. Every week the site offers a new selection from the current issue of the magazine. Work by W.S. Merwin, Billy Collins, Hayden Carruth, Derek Walcott, William Matthews.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Poetry Flash
Poetry, essays, reviews, interviews, listings of San Francisco Bay Area poetry events. [Site under construction as of December 1998.]
sample.gif (145 bytes)
The Poetry Review
Poetry, essays, reviews. One of the best known British poetry magazines. Frequent theme issues. Only excerpts from current issue available on Web site. Work by John Ashbery, Miroslav Holub.
POETS on the line
Poetry. Many poems by well-known contributors. Much of the work here has already appeared in print. Work by Diane Wakowski, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Galway Kinnell, Robert Bly, Tom Clark.
Postmodern Culture
Fiction and poetry in some issues, though the focus is on scholarly essays and reviews related to contemporary arts and culture. Some of the literary offerings incorporate audio, video, or hypertext. Unfortunately only the current issue is publicly accessible. Back issues are available on-line through paid subscription to Project Muse. Work by Kathy Acker, Robert Coover, William T. Vollmann, John Yau.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
PRISM international
Poetry, fiction, essays. One of the oldest and most important Canadian literary magazines, founded in 1959. Excerpts from the current issue and a year's worth of back issues. Published by the University of British Columbia.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
The Prose Poem: An International Journal
Prose poems, essays, reviews. Devoted exclusively to the genre of prose poetry.
Site Has Movedsample.gif (145 bytes)
The Quarterly
Poetry, fiction, art. A few short excerpts from the current issue of the printed magazine.
Poetry, some fiction, essays. A subscription to this magazine will bring poems or stories periodically to your e-mailbox. At the end of each year the work is archived on the Web site. The site isn't much to look at, but there's fresh, lively poetry here. Edited by Sal Salasin, who describes his venture as "the little magazine of the vernacular, quotidian, witty and postmodern." Currently over 1,000 e-mail subscribers. Work by Bob Holman, Richard Kostelanetz, Robert Sward, Barry Silesky.
Recursive Angel
Poetry, fiction, art. "An excursion into the poetics of the mind." Much of the work has a spiritual or mystical bent to it. Published by Aslan Enterprises.
Poetry, reviews. One of the most important vehicles for experimental poetry on-line. Published by the Electronic Poetry Center. Work by Charles Bernstein, Robert Kelly, Richard Kostelanetz, Kenneth Sherwood.
Salt Hill Journal
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, interviews, art. Published by Syracuse University English Dept. Work by Bill Knott, Albert Goldbarth. Identical in content to the printed version of the magazine.
Santa Fe Poetry Broadside
Poetry. Each issue contains 12 poems, often by a single author, with a focus on local poets.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Sewanee Review
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Poetry, fiction. A few excerpts from recent issues.
audio.gif (210 bytes)
Poetry. Each issue of Microsoft's general-interest magazine features a poem selected by Robert Pinsky, often accompanied by commentary. There's an audio recording of each poem read by either the author or Pinsky. All poems available in the magazine's archive. Work by well-known authors living and dead. Accessible only by paid subscription of $29.95 per year.
Snakeskin Poetry Webzine
Poetry. British magazine with a fondness for formal verse.
Switched-on Gutenberg: A Global Poetry Journal
Poetry, reviews, art. Work by Marge Piercy, Alicia Ostriker, Galway Kinnell, Joyce Carol Oates.
Sycamore Review
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, interviews, art. Only out-of-print back issues are available in their entirety on-line. From the current and recent issues, only the book reviews and artwork are on the Web site. Published by Purdue University. Work by many well-known writers, including Derek Walcott, Charles Bukowski, Stephen Dunn, Mary Oliver, Donald Hall, Diane Wakoski.
Tales Multimedia Journal
Hypertext poetry and fiction. Sponsored by the Syracuse University Creative Writing Program and the Salt Hill Journal.
Tender Is the Net
sample.gif (145 bytes)
The Threepenny Review
Poetry, fiction. Excerpts from the current printed issue.
Turbulence: New Works for the Web
Poetry, fiction, art. Devoted to cyberwork that uses various combinations of text, graphics, animation, and audio in ways possible only in the electronic medium. Some works allow reader interaction or collaboration.
The Unit Circle
Poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, art. Also available in print.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Where Literature Lives
Selections from poetry and fiction published by Sun & Moon Press. Reviews reprinted from other publications. More a publisher's sampler than a true magazine.
Wise Women's Web
"A Magazine of Women's Literature and Visual Art." Poetry, fiction, essays, and art by mature women. Includes previously published and new work, with particular emphasis on "writers and artists of social conscience." Daniela Gioseffi, Editor. Work by Alicia Ostriker, Grace Paley, Stephanie Strickland.
Zero City
audio.gif (210 bytes)
Poetry, fiction, interviews, art.
sample.gif (145 bytes)
Poetry, fiction, artwork. Publishes West Coast writers.

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