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Discussion Forums

Atlantic Monthly's Post and Riposte
Among the magazine's many discussion forums is one devoted to Arts and Literature.
Barnes & Noble Book Forum: Fiction and Literature
Discussions about fiction. There's also an Author Chats series in which well-known authors answer questions from site visitors in real time.
Book.com Café
The many book-related discussion forums here include ones for poetry and fiction. Run by the Books.com on-line bookstore.
Fictech for Novelists' Inner Circle
An on-line "Club for Writers" devoted to discussion of writing and critiques of work. No fee to join.
Literature Online's Writer-in-Residence
Open discussion centering around topics raised by the writer-in-residence. There's also a forum in which participants can critique each other's work, and each week the writer-in-residence critiques one of the poems posted in this forum.
New York Times Round Table
A discussion forum devoted to books of all kinds, with many literary topics. There's even a section for beefs about reviews that appeared in the NYT Book Review.
The On-Line Writery
Forums for both poetry and fiction, devoted mostly to workshop-style feedback on original writing. Sponsored by the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Poets & Writers Speakeasy
Offers a number of informal on-line conferences hosted by members of the Poets & Writers staff. You can get advice on the business of being a writer, discuss topics relating to articles in Poets & Writers Magazine, or get feedback on your own writing in an on-line workshop.
Poetry Society of America Poetry Workshop
A forum for topics of concern to poets. There's also an on-line workshop where poets can get feedback on their work.
Web Del Sol BBS
A forum for workshop-style feedback on original writing, a forum for issues concerning Web publishing, and a forum for general literary discussion.



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