Paper for HTWW 00

Write now!

Jill Walker

This session is a practical writing workshop. Exploring sensory, analytical and intuitive ways of using words, we'll write individually and collectively. We'll start with words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and work together to find ways in which they could be connected together. Each session will aim to make a "paper hypertext" in these two hours that will be displayed in the poster session of the main conference. The Write Now! session aims to help inspire both experienced and less experienced writers and to help provide new ways of thinking about writing both fiction and non-fiction. As we write and build a "hypertext" we will discuss the process, dealing with questions such as whether our product is a hypertext, what is hypertextual about it and when (or if) it starts to feel like a hypertext. Please bring pens and some note paper. Other material will be supplied.

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