Paper for HTWW 00

Write with What?

Nick Traenkner

Last year's workshop generated a requirements document for an authoring (and reading?) system. There are several tools available for writing hypertext- some are hypertext tools (e.g., storyspace, hypercard and HTML) some are not explicit hypertext systems but are used in creating hypertexts (e.g., director and toolbook). Each has its limitations- each affects the way we write and approach the writing of a hypertext differently- or does it? How often have we delved into writing a hypertext, realizing the problems that occur "outside" the authoring system- problems of organization, manipulation and analysis of texts etc... problems that computers seem well suited to solve, or help in solving? What new approaches, even new literatures might emerge from these tools? If I get an eighth of this from the workshop I will be more than pleased...