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Triangle Image from Judy Chicago's masterpiece, The Dinner Party, is used with the gracious permission of Judy Chicago and Through the Flower.  Through the Flower's mission is to create a cultural legacy embodied in the work of Judy Chicago through education, exhibiton, and preservation. 

Recently, I came across a photo of The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago.  Even now a certain daring and vision surrounds her project, the sense of a brand new thing, the secret joy of naming the names....It occurred to me that somewhat the same feeling arises when we consider the work of women on the web today--writers of web-specific literature and blended media who are making things, setting places, often without institutional support.  Visiting their sites is like going to a Progressive Dinner Party for the year 2000, with cocktails in Australia and dessert in Florida.  Like to come to dinner?   Marjorie C. Luesebrink


The Progressive Dinner Party

by Carolyn Guertin and

Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink