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These links include all previously featured inspirations, as well as new media art and poetry sites. Please report broken links.


Basho's Frogger by Neil Hennessey is a Java applet was produced as a response to Derek Beaulieu's manuscript of Basho translations.

Samorost.swf, combines Myst/Riven-like puzzles with a whimsical animation style. The puzzles are challenging but surrealistically intuitive, and the combination of gorgeously textured organic settings and playfully animated vector characters is plenty of motivation to advance to the next level. Samorost is a rare combination of entertainment, art, absurdism, and humor.

EST Game's forthcoming World Fables promises an interesting adventure. The basic idea of the game is that the ruler of the land, Mother Goose, has been mysteriously losing control of her empire and the resulting power vacuum has been disastrous.

dominoa is a literary game that addresses the pleasure of playing a game and the enjoyment of reading a text. This java applet is played with excerpts from books by female Austrian authors, and the goal of the game is to match enough of the segments to uncover the various texts as full pages.

This quicktime movie Game(z), is not a game at all, it is actually an experimental video-art work by philippe b.in which he argues that the body is perhaps only a big game

Historical Sound Poetry Scores: Pierre Albert-Birot, Hugo Ball, Giacomo Balla, Fortunato Depero, and F.T. Marinetti are included in this collection of early twentieth century sound poetry scores with accompanying mp3's and links to further resources. Part of UBU web's extensive sound collection that gathers some hard to find contemporary and historical avant-garde works in mp3 format.

Listening to Language: Poet Charles Bernstein discusses the materiality of language in this interview by radio producer and critic Martin Spineli. Bernstein performs selections from his book With Strings, his opera Shadowtime about the life of Walter Benjamin, and "Dear Mr. Finelli." This broadcast is part of Spinelli's Radio Radio, a sixteen-part series of forty-five minute broadcasts which asks an honest question: Is there really a place on radio for experimentation? Twenty people immersed in radio, sound and performance (Prix Italia winners, Prix Futura winners, SONY winners and platinum recording artists as well as sound poets, unconventional radio producers, audio artists, critically savvy DJs and writers on the social and aesthetic margins) offer, in their own ways, answers to this question through conversation and the presentation of their work.

Nio: Jim Andrews was commissioned to create this interactive audio work for New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence web site. See also Andrews' paper, Nio & the Art of Interactive Audio for the Web

Naxsmash Project:The naxsmash project online articulates memory, desire, and mimetic violence through the voice of a submerged cyborg presence, as topography, as cinematic desire, and as music. Texts are culled and interactively rearranged in selections from Italo Calvino, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Franz Kafka, Julien Green, Walter Benjamin, and others. Flash 5, IE5, Quicktime,Shockwave and vrml plugins are required.

Sound Art Lecture 1 (11/26/02) and Sound Art Lecture 2 (12/11/02) from Nothing Special With Kenny G, WFMU radio program rehashing a lecture Goldsmith gave on Sound Art spanning 1902-2001.

M A E D A S T U D I O: Excerpts of John Maeda's reactive graphics work from a 2001 Tokyo exhibition are available as a download (Mac only). For the disappointed PC crowd, you can try the calendar and greeting card Java applets Maeda was commissioned to create for Shiseido.

Luxe Pattern by Geoff Lillemon of Oculart is a colorful, nervous, reactive work that blends image, text and motion in Lillemon's distinctive visual style.

Spirale, a reactive visual Web art piece by Nicolas Clauss appears in the Zed Interactive Showcase. Requires Shockwave. See more of Clauss' reactive work at his site, Flying Puppet.

A collection of reactive DHTML works from 1997-2000 by Reiner Strasser is currently being exhibited in Attic, the spaceless gallery, which ressurects and preserves web art from older computers. The Attic is a new edition to the Museum of the essential and beyond that, a fantastic site for international Web art and visual poetry.

Two short pieces by Tom Scarpino, Hypertext and Poetry are clever word experiments. Requires the Shockwave player.

Lewis LaCook's Flash Poetry Generator 3.0. You enter the verbs and nouns, choose your visual background, and a poem is generated.

4 poems performed by jörg piringer, 2 minutes, 51 seconds. Requires Real Player. See his site for more of his work with visual, interactive, and sound poetry.

n3xt by Shirin Kouladjie is an ongoing project that consists of a series of video loops, with the emphasis on plain space around objects, exaggerated movements and sound.

In the Woods by Thomas Swiss and Seth Thompson, 1 minute 25 seconds. Requires Real Player.

Passage, a video poem by Quraysh Ali Lansana and directed by Kurt Heintz of e-poets.net, relates the rites of passage from one generation to the next among men of color. (1995, Chicago, 4 minutes. Requires Real Player). See the e-poets videotheque for more video poems and The Book of Voices, for a new media library of poetry in spoken word, performance, and text.

BCC (Blank Carbon Copy) by Motomichi Nakamura explores the world of bulletin boards, online communities, search engines and e-mail communications by incorporating content from real searches, messages and comments written by online users in this hybrid work of time-based and interactive media.

In Story Problem by Eric Loyer and Terri Ford, the viewer's mouse movements control the performance of the poem. A fantastic piece featured on Born Magazine.

Poetic Dialogues 1.0 by Yucef Merhi, a work comprised of 18 different flash movies made with a high-tech wristwatch camera, each movie contains images of people reciting a verse. The interaction between these "characters" generates new poems. Created with funds from the Jerome Foundation for Turbulence.org

The Jetty is an interactive shockwave rendition of Chris Marker's 1962 short film, La Jetée, a study of time, memory and desire.

the doorman [passing] by Domiziana Giordano & Reiner Strasser is "an interactive 'photo-cinematic' piece," a well crafted visual narrative.

Adriana de Barros joins forces with Joan Jimeniz in creating Deep Green which integrates film and poetry. See more of de Barros work on Breathewords and Scene360.

Felix Jung's Round is a visual performance of music sung in rhythmic intervals. More of Jung's work is on display at Synesthesia.

Invisible Maps by Paul Catanese, a Chicago based storyteller whose work explores the degradation of memory. Of this piece he writes, "When we travel, our choices become a narration, a grouping of letters, words and sentences. With every gesture we write novels, and every stroll fills volumes of encyclopedia."

TURNS a project by Margot Lovejoy.

Photomontage Shirin Kouladjie

The Problem Thomas Swiss and Errol Richardson

Flying Puppet Nicolas Clauss and Jean Jaques-Birgé

Gallop Judith H. Montgomery, Valerie Archeno and Julien Moulin

Chroma from Marrow Monkey's Erik Loyer is a stupendous "episodic interactive narrative" developed with the support of a 1999 Rockefeller Media Fellowship.

Berceuse by Zahra Safavian is a beautiful synthesis of poetry, prose and graphical interface featured on Drunken Boat.

Facedown by Andy Campbell is a reactive fiction work featured on The Art Circus Literature Network. Requires Flash.

Nine Attempts to Clone a Poem Jason Nelson

Writer's Block from baresquare.com is a poetic spoof on today's ubiquitous flash interface.

Fair e-Tales a series of DHTML-based fables created by Joline Blais, Keith Frank, and Jon Ippolito, suggests a new paradigm for hypertext fiction.

The Dreamlife of Letters, Brian Kim Stefans

Algo by M.D. Coverley uses algorithms of timing and graphics to ask: can the programmed regularity of the digital environment be subverted to celebrate serendipity?

Little Red Riding Hood by 6am hoover features an amazing interpretation of the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale.

Fear and Trembling Michael Mosley

Nio Jim Andrews

Art + Drugs + Prince James Patterson.

Teetering from the Jack 'n' Jim Project.

His Father in the Exhaust of Engines Bruce Smith and Mark Stricklin

Dakota Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

The Muse in New York Designed by One Ten Design, this shockwave poem written by Jim Tully recounts an aspiring jazz musician's delivery to Carnagie Hall.

Cobweb Poet Maribel Vega and Culture Design + Typography teamed up to create this moving piece which uses beautiful photographs to create an eerie and saddening mood.

Iris, a winner of the 5K competition from the5K.org, reveals a portion of D.H. Lawrence's poem from the inside out. The piece is created by Josh Santangelo of endquote, and requires a DHTML-capable browser.

Dear God Emily Sunderland and Yohan Gingras

New Crank Seawater Crank Bunny

Gold Orit Kruglanski

Surface collaborative work with three poems by Diane Caney

Some Guerrilla Physicists By Michael Cower and Ikda

Flesh of a Mango Time-based Flash poem by Nathan Barnett with graphic design by MOD7

Fearless Little Love Poems Line drawings in Flash by Vicki Wong

Centrifugal Forces 3-d graphics accompany this time-based poem (Java applet) by Leisa Pierce, Sami Arola, and Jarkko Salminen, published on Born Magazine

The Old Lady and the Fly Animated version of this classic tale by William Garratt

Sky Time-based Flash poem by Christina Manning and designed by Hillman Curtis

Beans: What's in a can of beans? An amitated Flash poem performed by Mr. Pritchard's class at Edelson Primary School. A PTG favorite!

Dogma: Time-based Flash poem by Nicolas Castano, designed by Mathew Mejia

Born with a Broken Tongue: Series of Quicktime movies about stuttering, by Chris Dohaney and Martin Casey


The Iowa Review Web Publishing electronic literature since 1999, TIR Web is well-known for its commitment to new writing. It now includes--along with electronic literature--other varieties of experimental writing and art.

Born Magazine an experimental venue marrying literary arts and interactive media. Updated quarterly.

Rhizome is an online community space for new media art.

ubu web features a fantastic collection of visual, concrete, and sound poetry as well as essays on poetry and music.

nowCulture.com an online multi-media publication that features fine and performing arts.

Drunken Boat is an online art/literary journal dedicated to showcasing poetery and prose, alongside works of art endemic to the medium of the web, like hypertext, digital animation, sound, video and web art.

Arras.Net is devoted to exploring how digital technology has impacted the field of experimental poetics.

Alienated.net is a site for the discussion of contemporary poetry and poetics, with a special focus on the poetics of online culture

Riding the Meridian builds bridges between the print and online poetry communities as well as seeks out and supports new forms of literary art utilizing Internet technology and new theories.

Cauldron & Net An online journal of the arts & new media, edited by Claire Dinsmore.

Web Del Sol new media portal features hypermedia artwork and audio poems.

Synesthesia Felix Jung's new media poetry

o2 Studio Lab multimedia/Flash art

Beehive "Hypertext Hypermedia Literary Journal." Includes interactive, hypertext poetry, literary essays and criticism.

Vispo experimental visual poetry, essays on new media by Jim Andrews

The Electronic Book Review

Poetry Television has an open call for video poems

Digitalism "Poetry in technicolor"

Breathewords project by Adriana de Barros

Digital Fiction Andy Campbell's publication of electronic interactive fiction

[digital sound visual interactive poetry etc.] jörg piringer's interactive audio projects

E-Poets network spoken word and video poems. See the e-poets videotheque for video poems and Book of Voices, for a new media library of poetry in spoken word, performance, & text.



Electronic Literature Organization created to facilitate and promote the writing, publishing and reading of literature in electronic media.

Hypertext Kitchen connects hypertext writers globally with the latest news, articles, essays, and links to current hypertext and hypermedia projects

trAce connects writers and readers around the world to experiment, create new work, and expand the potential of the global literary community.



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