"In the corner of a room is sitting my old computer with all the stuff I have created on it. Is it a real art object? Wouldn't it be the right instrument to play the art created on it, the right way to present and preserve it? --- Now it is virtually placed and visible in the Attic, a spaceless gallery of the Museum of the essential and beyond that."

(Reiner Strasser)



The building of the MUSEUM OF THE ESSENTIAL AND BEYOND THAT has now a virtual attic. YES, a VIRTUAL ATTIC, a spaceless gallery...

Reiner Strasser and I opened this new area of the virtual museum. What we are showing in the ATTIC are our old computers on which we created web.art/net.art/digital art and some creations made on these machines. We are inviting all of you to see a sample of this project at http://www.arteonline.arq.br/museu/attic/sotao.html

Send us "AVATARS" of your old machines with web.art, net.art, digital art works done on them.

The project is open to 14 collaborators.

In fact the "Museum of the essential and beyond that" is interested in digital art preservation.

We will be honoured about your participation in this project, but do not send anything before browsing our sample and see what we really want.

For more information: arteonline@arteonline.arq.br


Reiner Strasser and Regina Célia Pinto